January 14, 2012


Dear Friends,  

On Monday January 16 at 1pm, in response to Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s proposed changes to city ordinances, Occupy el Barrio will be holding a press conference in front of Alderman Danny Solis’ office (2439 S. Oakley Ave.). Occupy el Barrio is demanding that all Aldermen stand with us and vote down the proposed amendments.  We are seeking broad participation from all organizations and individuals who fight for social justice. Occupy el Barrio voted to oppose these measures out of necessity. It is necessary to defend the right of people to assemble without fear of egregious fines and indefinite detention. It is necessary to oppose measures whose express purpose is to chill speech and protest, to attack the ability of individuals to express themselves and protest without fear of extreme reprisals from the city for even passive resistance. These measures would have a direct, permanent impact on the ability of any individual to publicly dissent. 

Your participation is not limited to the press conference.  We are asking people to call their alderman and demand that they vote against the amendments on January 18th. Click on the link and find your Alderman and voice your opposition to the amendments to the city municipal code.   Below is a list of actions that next week that everyone should participate in.  Remember: what we do matters!

Some highlights of what is included in the proposed changes:
  • non-violent civil disobedience could now carry a $200-$1000 fine, up from $25-$500, in addition to other, more typical misdemeanor charges.
  • “‘resist’ shall mean passive as well as active resistance.”
  • under the parade permit ordinance minimum fines for violations would jump 20-fold, from $50 to $1000 while the maximum would double to $2000 and the possibility of 10 days in jail.
  • defines virtually every protest in the streets of Chicago as a “large parade,” requiring $1 million dollars in liability insurance and for organizers to “agree to reimburse the city for any damage to the public way or to city property arising out of or caused by the parade”
  • every contingent in the march and the order in which they would appear would have to be registered at least a week in advance with the City;
  • organizers of any demonstration or rally would be required to provide the city with “a description of any recording equipment, sound amplification equipment, banners, signs, or other attention-getting devices to be used in connection with the parade” at least a week in advance of the march
  • demonstration organizers would be required to have one marshal for every 100 participants
  • gatherings on sidewalks, with no presence in the streets, would now be subject to demands that they get permits, allowing the city oversight over any attempt to picket or demonstrate and enforcing compliance to the above requirements with its $50 application fee, weeks’ long application process, etc. with the threat of police action
  • closes all public spaces after 10pm
  • allows the city to deputize and outside agencies and security

Upcoming actions: 

11/17 - Chicago City Council Hearings
8:45AM – CANG8 Press Conference, City Hall (121 N. LaSalle), 2nd Floor. Jessie Jackson sent a statement against the ordinances that will be read. Representatives from the CTU, Occupy, and religious leaders will speak, and possibly the NLG.
10AM – Committee on Budget and Government Operations, City Council Chambers, 2nd Floor. Topics: No-bid contracts, deputizing corporate law enforcement, and resisting arrest.
1PM - Room 201A - Committee on Special Events, Cultural Affairs and Recreation.
* Please arrive early to guarantee admission to the hearings *
Day-Long – CANG8 Local and national call-in campaign to aldermen and the Mayor.
11/18 – Chicago City Council – Stand Up for Our Rights!
7AM – City Council Meeting, City Hall (121 N LaSalle), 2nd Floor. Gather to get into the City Council meeting starting at 7AM..
10AM – Meeting begins and will last hours, so plan to spend the day if you can.
More info, including full text of the ordinances: http://chicago.indymedia.org/newswire/display/95586/index.php
Occupy Chicago Operation Roll Call:

-Occupy el Barrio

October 16, 2011
It takes a little bit of everything.

It takes a little bit of everything.

October 2, 2011