June 22, 2011
Crossing Wires: Technology and Play Conference


February 19 to April 15, 2012

Technology has traditionally been used to make what functions function faster, easier and more efficiently. We expect computers, robots and machines to continue to take over the performance of chores and ramp up the production of goods. But what happens when technology is used for the non-functional, to make what is functional less functional? What happens when technology, especially high technology, is used for art or for play?

In organizing an exhibition based on technology, we’re looking for artists who subvert the functional or fabricate the handmade. We’re particularly interested in work that expands upon or pushes against traditional definitions of art, and investigates the relationship between technology and play.

Installation, screen based and/or digital projection projects, music/sound devices, and other media will be considered. Any robots out there?

Curators: Barbara Blades and Debra Tolchinsky

application info

Debra Tolchinsky
Assistant Professor
Department of Radio-TV-Film
Northwestern University
1920 Campus Drive, 2nd floor
Evanston, IL 60208